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Microsoft Excel 2010: Formulas and Functions (HC)
Event Type: Technology Classes
Date: 9/17/2013
Start Time: 3:30 PM
End Time: 4:30 PM
Library: South Trail Branch
Location: South Trail - Computer Lab
Description: Learn how to create formulas and insert advanced functions. Become familiar with the Function Library to assist with finding functions and inserting function arguments.
Odyans rekòmande : Adilt This class is taught in Haitian Creole.
Other: Tout klas yo gratis pou tout moun ki abite nan distri Oranj la e ki gen kat bibliotèk la, moun ki peye pou kat la, e moun ki gen kat paske yo gen yon kay nan distri Oranj la. Ou dwe rejistre davans pou klas yo. Pou rejistre ou ka rele nimero telefòn sa-a 407-835-7323 osinon ou ka ale nan ninpòt bibliotèk nan distri Oranj la.

Moun ki pa rete nan distri Oranj la ap peye $10.00 pou klas ki ansènye nan bibliyotèk la e $25 pou klas ki ansènye sou entènèt. Kòb sa yo pap reranbouse epi ou dwe peye avan ou rejistre pou klas la.

Pou moun ki gen kat bibliotèk la, si ou ta vle anile yon klas ou dwe rele 24è an avans pou ka fè sa . si ou pa fè sa bibliotèk la ap fè ou peye $5 paske ou rejistre pou yon klas epi ou pa vini. Sil vou plè pa anile oken klas si dat la ak lè-a gentan pase.

Si yon moun gen yon problem pou pran yon klas akoz de endikape li, ou ka rele bibliotèk kote ou ap pran klas la sèt jou davans pou nou ka mete aranjman pou-ou nan lè klas la.

All classes are free to Orange County district resident cardholders, Fee cardholders, and Orange County Property Owner cardholders. Registration is required. To register, you can do so online, call 407-835-7323 or stop by any of our locations.

Out of district residents will be charged a $10.00 non-refundable fee to register for in-house classes and a $25.00 non-refundable fee to register for online. Where they apply, registration fees must be paid prior to class time.

A $5.00 no show fee will be assessed if cancellation is not done at least 24 hours in advance. In order for us to get accurate statistics of our class attendance, please do not cancel your class if the date and time of the class has passed.

Any person requiring special accommodations to participate in a class or program due to a disability may arrange for reasonable accommodations by contacting the location at which the event is held at least seven days prior to the event.

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