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Hair: A Womanís Richest Ornament
Event Type: Library Programs
Date: 5/11/2013
Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 3:30 PM
Library: West Oaks Branch
Location: West Oaks - Meeting Room 1
Description: Enjoy a fascinating program featuring Dr. Lana Williams from UCF speaking on A Womanís Richest Ornament: Hairstyles and Hair Products in Roman Egypt. From an archaeological perspective, hair serves not only as an ornament of appearance but also provides insight into social and economic standing, health status and seasonal cycles of customs and practices. The remains recovered from the Kellis 2 Cemetery are thought to be associated with the nearby Roman administrative center of Kellis (c.50-450AD). Come learn about hairstyles and hair preparation prior to burial and how the analysis of ancient hair has provided information about the aging process among Egyptian women.

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